Groundbreaking Event


5100 Forest Avenue is the site of the Burlington Station multi-family residential development.


The project is located at the corner of Gilbert and Forest Avenue in Downers Grove, IL.


The Southeast corner of the Burlington Station site, from the Downers Grove Library across the street.


The Northeast corner of the Burlington Station site. Tree clearing has already begun at the project location.


The southwest side of the project site. Roads around the project location will be closed during construction.


The south side of the project, currently home to an old bank drive thru canopy.


The north side of the existing building. The building has been vacant for several years in is in extreme disrepair.


The north side of the project site, currently home to a parking lot and overgrown trees.


The northeast corner of the existing building – it seems people have been using our site as a dumping ground. That will change very soon.


The existing building.


The interior of the bank building, post firefighter training.


The interior of the bank building, post firefighter training.


Holladay Properties President & CEO, John Phair speaks about what the Burlington Station project means to Holladay.


The Mayor of Downers Grove, Mayor Martin Tully, talks about what the project means to Downers Grove.


From left: Michael O’Connor (Holladay Properties); Linda Kunze (Downtown Downers Grove Management Corporation); John Phair (Holladay Properties); Mayor Martin Tully (Downers Grove); Illinois State Representative David S. Olson; Drew Mitchell (Holladay Properties).


From left: Michael O’Connor; Linda Kunze; Lisa Wentzell (Downers Grove Economic Development Corporation); Drew Mitchell; Mayor Martin Tully, State Representative David S. Olson; Tim Healy (Holladay Properties).


The Holladay Properties Burlington Station development team. From left: Larry Mudd, Partner & VP-Development; Drew Mitchell, VP-Development; Lori Kappel, Project Designer; Tim Healy, Partner & Sr. VP-Development; Michael O’Connor, VP-Leasing & Development.

Developer Holladay Properties held a Groundbreaking Event for Burlington Station at 10 AM on Friday, October 7th. We’re excited to share photos from the day with all of you! Be sure to visit us again for more progress updates.