Frozen Ground & Frozen Art

dg-ice-fest.jpgIce Sculpture

The Burlington Station Ice Sculpture...we hope it doesn't melt before you see it in person!

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It’s mid-February and, like every year, most Chicagoans are probably wondering why they live in this climate, and are longing for warm summer days. But not everyone!

Many folks from Downers Grove, including me, are hoping for a little bit of an extended cold spell – and before you throw me a burning glance, let me explain why.

First, this weekend is Ice Fest – Downtown Downers Grove.  Ice Fest is an opportunity for those of us daring enough, to brave the cold, embrace the winter, and celebrate community camaraderie, local business, and the arts! 

The festival, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is, according to local lore, the “Festival that almost wasn’t."  Fortunately for us, it’s a continuing event that brings businesses and residents together every February in the dead of winter. One highlight you’ll see if you're walking around Downers Grove this weekend, is a multitude of custom-carved ice sculptures commissioned by the various businesses operating in Downer Grove’s vibrant downtown. On Saturday February 11th, you can come and see Ronald McDonald performing magic tricks; and on Sunday, you’ll likely see Elsa & Anna from Disney’s Frozen warming up the children’s hearts with their simple presence. 

Not one to miss an opportunity, Burlington Station commissioned an ice sculpture with its logo.  We’re thrilled with the end result, though the “true” end result will almost certainly be a puddle of cold water by next weekend.

There’s a second reason that builders and developers find comfort in the winter. Certain site related activities are often easier when the ground is frozen. We’ve all seen the muddy mess near a construction site when it’s rained, right? A benefit of the winter is the ground is frozen, the streets remain clean, and excavation proceeds without anyone “getting stuck in the mud.”

So let’s celebrate the cold together, and, as John Steinbeck questioned:  “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”

Written by: Drew Mitchell, Project Manager

Check out the drone video on YouTube. Click here to view.