August 2017 Progress Photos

01 August Aerial Photo

↑ August site aerial shows the floor decking for the ground floor nearly completed and wall panels are on site

02 August Progress Photo

↑ August construction progress photo - ground floor

03 August Elevator

↑ This progress photo from August shows one of the elevator shafts under construction

04 August Progress

↑ Construction workers on site in August

05 Crane

↑ A crane helps put a completed wall panel in place

06 Framing

↑ Framing of outside walls on the ground floor is progressing nicely

07 Walls

↑ A view of the framing progress from the outside of the building

08 img950430

More progress in August - you can start to see individual units forming on the ground floor

09 img950426

August construction progress - the ground floor is really shaping up

10 img950429

A close up of the NW corner - a Zephyr-style unit

Want to see the latest progress photos from Burlington Station? Well, here they are!

As you can see, quite a bit of work has been done, and there's actually even more completed than can be seen in these images. The underground parking garage, for example, has been dug out, and support beams for the building are in place.

Framing of exterior and interior walls is really progressing, and in a few of these photos, you can some some of the unit styles starting to take shape.